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Roscli Job Service

Rose of Sharon Christian
Leadership Institute

aims to improve the economic stability and prosperity of the Haitian people by focusing on helping low-skilled workers overcome the many obstacles in their path by supporting them through counseling sessions, training and work placement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reveal the potential of each individual who steps foot at ROSCLI and help them reach their dream jobs or career aspiration to curve down the poverty rate and become sustainable and help others. We want to link employers with trained job seekers to promote a striving prosperous nation.

What we provide

We will help you fill your vacancy with active job seekers in our system.

Career guidance and training for job seekers, and new graduates, we will provide you with the necessary assets to ensure your success.

Looking for your first job or is your  career in transition, contact us now.

Telephone Number for ROSCLI Job Service


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